Skyline Landscaping

Our mission is to not only bring high-quality pieces of work to life but to enjoy the process while doing so.

Meet Our Founder

Tristan Kirby began his landscape career as a way to earn gas money while in high school. His first business, Bugs Lawn Care, exposed him to the world of outdoor projects. Cutting grass at age 16 was Tristan's foot-in-the-door opportunity.
Tristan Kirby – Owner & Operator


Founded Bugs Lawn Care

5+ Years

Experience in the field.
Tristan Kirby founder of Skyline
3d rendering of a patio
Growth Opportunity

From Bugs To Skyline

After five years in business with the name Bugs Lawn Care, Tristan began to expand his scope of work from lawn maintenance to landscape design and build. By scaling up his operation, acquiring equipment, and attracting top talent, Tristan grew his high school business into Skyline Landscaping.
"This industry is incredibly rewarding when you take a piece of earth and combine nature with design to create something beautiful."
Tristan Kirby  —  Owner & Operator